Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy 4th of July, Portugal style!

Enjoyed an evening visit with President
and Sister Henry and old friends from
Florida, Marc and Juli Bernhisel. They
were enroute to Barcelona, and Czech.
to visit President and Sister Slovacek.
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Beauty All Around

This is the Douro River looking westward toward
the Atlantic Ocean. We enjoyed the quiet beauty
of the gardens. This is an image we don't want to

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The Farewell Inspection Tour

I'm not going to show you their sparkling apartments, only their sparkling smiles!

Elders Sand, Blankenship, Warby, Cibrian and French having fun in Aveiro.

Elders Spiel and Whitaker in their Ovar garden paradise.

Elders Krumm, Canguia, French, Zacheu, and Doty working hard as usual.

Elders Winters, French & Curtis showing off their pin maps.
Their apartment is the cleanest so far.
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Going Forward with Faith.....

We are busy inspecting missionary apartments the last 4 weeks here in Portugal. We have made a few wrong turns, but seen even more of the beauty of Portugal. It's wonderful getting to visit everyone 2 on 2, one more time. We love these faithful servants of the Lord!

After all the wrong turns, we finally went out and bought the mission a GPS system. President Henry wanted us to buy it, try it out, then teach them how to use it so the new mission President won't have to make so many wrong turns next July. It's really like a Liahona. It requires faith, especially when you don't have any clue where you're going. Isn't that true of every step we make as we progress in life? We never know the outcome, but go forward having faith that if we do our part, the Lord will guide us along safely. Don't you just love the Gospel?